Turfgrass Management

Turfgrass Management

Turfgrass managers need expertise in science, people management, and financial planning to satisfy the public’s demand for environmentally friendly lawns in commercial, residential, and parkland settings. At the IAA, you will receive a combination of education and internship experience that will open doors in such areas of turfgrass management as sod production, lawn and landscape maintenance, and large scale institutional grounds management.

The turfgrass industry is expanding rapidly and generates over $30 billion annually in the United States. In Maryland, the turfgrass industry employs over 12,500 individuals and contributes $1.5 billion annually to the state’s economy. 

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IAA Students Receive:

  • In-depth courses about turfgrasses, soils, fertilizers, pest management, etc.
  • Management education directed toward lawn care and sod production careers.
  • Hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Networking with industry professionals.
  • An affordable education supported with scholarships and financial aid.
  • An academic community with rich resources.

2-Year Plan for Turfgrass Management: