Sports Turf Management

Sports Turf Management

Sports turf management blends business skills, art, and agronomic sciences to provide playable, safe, and aesthetically attractive turf playing fields. Turfgrasses are used in a variety of sporting venues throughout Maryland and the United States because they can be mowed at different heights, withstand traffic, and create a resilient surface.

Sports organizations and institutions are demanding a growing number of qualified individuals with agronomic expertise to manage all types of athletic fields. 

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IAA Students Receive:

  • In-depth courses about turfgrasses, soils, field safety and playability, etc.
  • Management education directed toward sports turf management careers.
  • Hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Networking with industry professionals.
  • An affordable education supported with scholarships and financial aid.
  • An academic community with rich resources.

2-Year Plan for Sports Turf Management: