Animal & Avian Sciences

The Department of Animal and Avian Sciences provides a challenging program for academically talented students interested in the application of biology and technology to the care, management and study of domestic and aquatic animals. A number of animal sciences graduates enter veterinary school, while others go on to graduate school in a variety of programs. Graduates also pursue a broad range of careers, such as research technicians, educators, sales or marketing representatives, and animal producers.


Animal Care and Management Major

Many of the IAA’s students are interested in working with animals, and the Animal and Avian Sciences program works very nicely with IAA certificates in Agricultural Business Management, Agricultural Leadership and Communication, and Sustainable Agriculture. The best fit is with their Animal Care and Management track, which prepares students for a variety of careers in equine, poultry, or animal production or related fields (animal care, nutrition, health, or allied industries).

Note: Students who plan to attend veterinary school should opt for the ANSC Science/Pre-professional track, which doesn’t mesh as well with the IAA certificate but provides the appropriate grounding for vet school.

Best Pairing

This is a sample four year plan for an ideal pairing of an IAA Track and AGNR Major.

To discuss other pairings, please contact the IAA at 301-405-4686.