Points of Pride

Points of Pride

100% Teaching Faculty

At the IAA, our main priority is providing the best possible educational experience for the next generation of agricultural professionals. Our dedicated faculty and staff focus on teaching and advising, rather than research, which allows them to provide hands-on, effective instruction and individualized attention to every student. IAA advisors provide both academic and career guidance—they help our students choose courses, find internships, build a professional network, and land that perfect job or further educational opportunity. 


Hands-On Learning Spaces

At the IAA, students have access to the many resources offered at the University of Maryland such as our Agricultural Mechanics Lab, the Research Greenhouse, Community Learning Garden, Terp Farm, Turf Farm, and the Animal Sciences Campus Farm.

Oral Communication Courses

After INAG 110: Oral Communication was accepted and highly praised, the demand for seats increased and INAG 110 grew in popularity. As of the Fall of 2014, there is a total of eight oral communication faculty members. We now offer 82 sections of INAG110 per year, providing over 1,500 seats in the General Education Program.

Job Placement and/or Continuing Education

Our alumni survey found that the employment rate for students graduating from the IAA and seeking work has been 88.6% over the past five years. These students have jobs in their fields by the time they graduate. In addition, an increasing number of IAA students are opting to continue their education after completing their certificate rather than entering the workforce. This percentage increased from zero in 2012 to 40 percent in 2017.


Alumni are another strength of the IAA. Our alumni network is broad, trans-generational, and enthusiastically committed to supporting the IAA and its new students and graduates.

The support for students is second to none. In all of my educational experiences, I have never been in a more embracing atmosphere. There’s a wholesomeness here—a genuineness of the team. The faculty are so willing to help you learn.