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We encourage students to connect with us on social media, stay up-to-date with the IAA Student Handbook and course materials, get involved with student organizations, and take advantage of the various networking opportunities that are available.

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All current students are added to the IAA student listserv. If you do not receive messages contact Becky Tetter at

Become Familiar with UMD Policies

We encourage all students to read the IAA Student Handbook and check the University of Maryland's Undergraduate Catalog for updated information about campus policies, procedures, and courses.

Meet with Your Advisor

Meet with your advisor when you have a question about scheduling or coursework or need professional career guidance. You will meet your advisor during New Student Orientation. Find your advisor's contact information on our Faculty and Staff page.

Learn About Campus Resources

The University of Maryland, College Park offers the technology and services you need for your academic journey. Staff and faculty are here to assist you along the way.