Landscape Management

Landscape Management

People who work in the landscaping field love the outdoors. You are not confined to a desk, yet you still have an opportunity to use the latest technology and software to plan, research, and complete projects. Additionally, you have the satisfaction of working a job from start to the final product.

Our highly regarded landscape management specialization provides training in basic botany, landscape construction and maintenance, plant, weed, and insect identification, business and personnel management, computer applications, and more. Landscaping companies do over $217.5 million in business in Maryland, and jobs are plentiful. 

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IAA Students Receive:

  • In-depth courses about turfgrasses, ornamentals, soils, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.
  • Management education directed toward the landscaping profession.
  • Hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Networking with industry professionals.
  • An affordable education supported with scholarships and financial aid.
  • An academic community with rich resources.

2-Year Plan for Landscape Management: