Agriculture & Resource Economics

The Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC) major is a flexible, practical, marketable degree that prepares students for a wide variety of career possibilities in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. This major requires substantial grounding in economics and quantitative skills; along with those benchmark courses, students can select from many different options to customize their educational and career experiences.


Agribusiness Major, Farm Management and Entrepreneurship Field of Study

The connections between this major and the IAA’s certificate concentrations are clear—this is a great course of study for a student who plans to make a career in agriculture. Students with an AREC Agribusiness degree can pursue careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors—anything from running a farm to working for the USDA. AREC grads in any concentration get a thorough grounding in quantitative skills (economics, statistics) paired with applied analytical work. 

AREC’s Agribusiness program is a highly flexible major that allows for a great deal of customization, and it can be paired with any of the IAA’s concentrations. The “area of study” courses for this major include a number of INAG courses, which makes it a great choice for IAA students. 

Agricultural and Resource Economics Major, Agricultural Science Field of Study

This field of study pairs very well with the IAA certificates in Agricultural Business Management or Sustainable Agriculture. It’s a great foundation for careers in agricultural production; extension; agricultural education; nonprofit work, outreach, or advocacy; agricultural marketing or communication; or agricultural regulation. 

Agricultural and Resource Economics Major, Environmental and Resource Economics Field of Study

This is a broad-ranging degree that draws on business, economics, and policy. EREC students apply economic concepts across a variety of issues related to natural resources, such as water quality, climate change, and the development of world economies. Possible careers include nonprofit work, green industry, policy analysis, and more.

Best Pairing

This is a sample four year plan for an ideal pairing of an IAA Track and AGNR Major.

To discuss other pairings, please contact the IAA at 301-405-4686.