IAA Scholarships

Department Scholarships

IAA-based awards specifically for IAA students are available! Please visit our IAA Scholarships Page to learn more and apply.

AGNR Scholarships

Students are also eligible to apply for scholarships offered by the University of Maryland (UMD) and/or the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR). Visit the UMD Office of Student Financial Aid and/or the AGNR Scholarships page to learn more.

Industry Scholarships

The opportunities listed at the bottom of this page are offered by external organizations. These awards are specific to students who intend to pursue careers in agriculture, natural resources, and related industries.

Scholarship Name Due Date Award Amount
Academic Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship December 1 $1,500
AFA Leader and Academic Scholarships March 11 Varies
American Farm Publication Scholarship March 1 $1,500
American Floral Endowment Scholarships May 1 Varies
Annie’s Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship March 15 $10,000
Baltimore County Farm Bureau Scholarship April 26 $2,500
Bartlett Tree Foundation Annual Scholarship Fund March 10 $1,500
Beef Industry Scholarship October 30 $1,500
Carville M. Akehurst Memorial Scholarship September 13 $5,000
Catherine M. Brinkley Interest-Free Loan Fund June 1 Varies
Chad Dulin Clark Memorial Scholarship December 1 $1,000
Colonial Agricultural Educational Foundation Endowment March 1 $5,000
Daughers of American Agriculture Scholarships March 1 $1,000
Dave Dowling Scholarship February 1 $500
Davey Tree Expert Company Arbor Grant September 23 Varies
Delmarva Poultry Industry Scholarship Program April 3 $4,000
ESAGCS Founders and Drew Smith Memorial Scholarships September 1 Varies
Farm Credit Foundation for Agricultural Advancement Scholarship January 10 $10,000
GCSAA Scholarships June 1 Varies
GIE Media Horticulture Scholarship April 24 $2,500
GreenPal Business Scholarship November 15 $2000
Harford County Farm Bureau Scholarship May 28 $1,000
Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) Scholarships September 10 $3,000
Irrigation Foundation Scholarship Program February 15 $2,500
KAFMO’s Waddington/Harper Turfgrass Scholarship December 15 $500
Mid-Atlantic Certified Crop Advisers Scholarship February 18  
MAC-ISA Frank Santamour Arboriculture Scholarship September 11 $1,250
Maryland 4-H Foundation Academic Awards June 15 $2,500
Maryland Farm Bureau Scholarship February 1 $2,000
Maryland Grain Producers Scholarship May 1 $2,500
Maryland Sheep Breeders Association Scholarship Awards April 15 $500
Maryland State Fair and Marlin K. Hoff Scholarships June 1 Varies
Maryland Tuition Waiver for Foster Care Recipients February 1 Varies
Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents (MAAGCS) November 18 $1,500
MNLGA Ornamental Horticulture Scholarship May 31 $5,000
Montgomery County Executive Hispanic Gala February 15 $2,000
Montgomery County Farm Bureau, Inc. Scholarship May 10 $3,000
National Association of Landscape Professionals Foundation November 1 $3,000
National Dairy Promotion and Research Board Scholarship May 22 $3,500
NCGA William C. Berg Academic Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship December 1 $1,000
Nicholson Scholarship Applications April 16 $500
PGMS DC Branch Scholarship March 1 Varies
PGMS Scholarship January 15 Varies
Proven Winners Horticulture Scholarship April 15 $2000
Seibel and MAEF Scholarship April 1 $1,000
Shinoda Foundation Scholarship March 30 $5,000
Sidney B. Meadows Horticulture Scholarship May 22 $1,500
Sports Turf Managers Association "SAFE" Scholarship October 15 $1,000
Tom Hartsock Animal Management Scholarship March 1 Varies
Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association Scholarship April 15 $2,000
United Agribusiness League & United Ag Benefit Trust Scholarship December 31 Varies
University Of Maryland Veterans Scholarships June 27 Varies
Walter J. Travis Memorial Scholarship September 15 $1,000