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VIDEO: Jump-start Your Career. Join Us at the IAA!

Randie Hovatter

What do job seekers and career changers love about the Institute of Applied Agriculture? To find out, we asked some of our own students.

Watch this video to learn how Meg Smolinski, Trent Wolfersberger, and Bobby Blake are each using their applied agriculture expertise to advance their careers in ornamental horticulture, sustainable agriculture, and turfgrass management.

Earning a Certificate in Applied Agriculture from the University of Maryland helps students start, enhance, or redirect their careers in agriculture and natural resources. IAA students include recent high school graduates, lifelong learners, and career changers. The program also provides a gateway for students who want to continue their education by transferring into a bachelor's degree program at the University of Maryland.

If you're passionate about the outdoors and ready to take your career to the next level, apply to the Institute of Applied Agriculture today!

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