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IAA Gives Away Thousands of Plants at Maryland Day

Maryland Day 2018
Emily Novak
IAA gives away thousands of plants during Maryland Day
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Glori Hyman

The Institute of Applied Agriculture (IAA), an academic unit of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Maryland (UMD), invites alumni, families and prospective students to explore Ag Day Avenue, one of the six “learning neighborhoods” open to the public during the 20th Annual Maryland Day event on April 28, 2018. Giveaways will include thousands of plants grown by IAA students.

Maryland Day will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. across UMD’s College Park campus. Guests interested in learning about the agricultural history of UMD as well as certificate and degree programs related to farming, horticulture, turf and sustainable agriculture are encouraged to visit the Ag Day Avenue learning neighborhood, located near the Animal Sciences/Agricultural Engineering building.

The plant giveaway and smiling faces are just the start of what guests will encounter at IAA’s Maryland Day booth. Take home your choice of a culinary herb or eastern red bud tree sapling, talk with an advisor or lecturer about the IAA’s 50-plus-year history, learn about their small class sizes and plethora of ag-related business courses, or chat about growing opportunities in agricultural careers.

The IAA’s certificate pathways are designed to prepare students for successful careers in agriculture, enabling graduates of the program to attain post-secondary education and hands-on experience in less time than a traditional baccalaureate degree. If you or someone you know is looking to jump-start a career in agriculture, look no further than the IAA. Director Glori Hyman states that “ninety-two percent of [IAA] students have jobs when they graduate” partly due to being “well trained and… really good workers.”

About the Institute of Applied Agriculture

The Institute of Applied Agriculture is a professional education institution housed in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Maryland. The Institute offers eight 60-credit academic certificate concentrations that provide students with the entrepreneurial, technical and leadership skills needed to manage profitable agricultural enterprises, including farming operations, golf courses, sports fields, horticulture businesses and landscape companies. For more information about the Institute of Applied Agriculture, visit

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