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Emily Lufsey's Internship

Brandy Walterhoefer
Lufsey at Sandy Hill Camp between activities.

Sandy Hill Camp in North East, MD, became a home away from home once again for Institute of Applied Agriculture (IAA) student Emily Lufsey during the summer of 2018. A Boyds, MD native, Lufsey came to College Park last year to study Agricultural Business Management while seeking a future career in animal science.

Looking over the Chesapeake Bay, Sandy Hill Camp is designed to grow each camper through education, fun, and character building exercises. Campers are supervised by caring and qualified staff who create a safe environment. Being a camper in years prior, Lufsey had always looked up to the staff and created strong friendships with them. This past summer, Lufsey became the person whom she had admired--a camp counselor.

“Being a camp counselor was a lot of work, but it was worth it,” said Lufsey.

Camp counselors have different responsibilities depending on their area of expertise.  Lufsey worked with the horses and sometimes with the waterfront. She began each day with barn set up to make sure the horses were well fed, groomed, and ready for the day. She was then off to do her most important task of teaching inexperienced campers how to ride and control the horses. Different campers came to Lufsey everyday eager and excited to learn. To ensure campers got the full experience, Lufsey led them on long, beautiful trail rides through the woods and by the water. Arriving back at the barn, Lufsey would clean and secure the horses in their stables.

Although never easy, Lufsey’s days were fun and exciting. One day in particular highlighted the responsibility it takes to be a camp counselor. During a trail ride, a large swarm of hornets attacked the horses, campers, and counselors. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured because Lufsey and her fellow counselors had the correct training and courage to take appropriate action.

Throughout the internship, Lufsey gained time management skills by making sure she was up and ready for the day. She also gained leadership qualities by teaching an entire group of campers how to ride and care horses. Responsibility was the most gained and needed quality because of the task of simultaneously making sure both the campers and horses were safe. Time management, leadership, and responsibility are qualities that will assist Lufsey throughout her future career.

The IAA well prepared her for this internship.  Lufsey stated, “There is no way I could have succeeded at Sandy Hill Camp without taking Horse Management prior.” The skills Lufsey was taught in class prepared her for almost any scenario or situation that could arise throughout her summer. However, Sandy Hill Camp provided Lufsey with additional hands-on learning activities in order to further her education.

Now having gained many qualities and skills, Lufsey is more prepared for the years to come while she continues her education toward an Animal Science degree. Lufsey does not know exactly what she wants to do in the years after school, but she does know that her passion for animals will continue to grow.

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