College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Institute of Applied Agriculture

Continuing Education

The Continuing Education program is designed for students who already work in the green industry and want to enroll in select IAA courses without completing the entire certificate program. These courses strengthen management skills and prepare personnel for industry certification exams.

Tuition, fees and grading options are the same for those enrolled in the IAA's two-year certificate program. Students pursuing continuing education coursework must:

  • Complete and mail theĀ IAA application for admission with fee.
  • Provide documentation of high school graduation or the equivalent. A copy of your high school diploma or GED is admissible.

Additional information:

  • Continuing Education students may register for a maximum of two courses per semester and must meet course prerequisites.
  • Course registration is based on available space with priority given to regular admission students.

Academic credit for courses taken in the Continuing Education program may be applied toward the completion of an IAA certificate provided the student fulfills the regular admission requirements.

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