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Financial Information

Institute of Applied Agriculture (IAA) students pay the standard University of Maryland, College Park tuition and fees. Financial policies and fees are set by the University with the approval of the Board of Regents. All students who register incur a financial obligation to the University.

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards are accepted. All checks, money orders, or postal notes should be made payable to the University of Maryland and must include the student's name and University ID number on the front.

All charges incurred during the semester are payable immediately. Returning students will not be permitted to register until all financial obligations to the IAA and the University are paid in full, including: current semester fees, library fines, parking violations, penalty fees, and service charges.

Monthly billing statements for any outstanding charges are mailed to the student's permanent address. Students may obtain their balance by logging into Testudo. Students may also obtain a printout or ask questions about their student account by visiting: 

It is the responsibility of the student to resolve discrepancies in billing notices. Delinquent student accounts are turned over to a state collection agency for resolution with appropriate collection fees added. No certificates or transcripts of records will be issued to students who have not made satisfactory settlement of their accounts.

Each student is responsible for all of his or her fees and expenses. If a third party, such as an employer, agrees to pay for these charges, the student is not relieved of his or her primary responsibility. In the event that a third party fails to honor its agreement, the University reserves the right to bill the student directly. Failure to pay this bill thereafter will result in the suspension of services to the student by the University and transfer of the account to the State Collection Unit. When a payment is made to the University, payment of any outstanding balance precedes payment of current indebtedness. That is, the oldest account balance is liquidated first.

Failure to pay outstanding debts will result in adding a late payment fee of $10.00 or 5% (whichever is higher) plus a 1.5% monthly finance charge.

Students who fail to pay the indebtedness during the semester in which delinquency occurs will be ineligible to advance register for subsequent semesters until the debt and the penalty fees are cleared.

Payment Information:

Payment of Registration Fees and Tuition Deadlines

Students who register early will receive bills prior to the beginning of the semester. The deadline will be stated on the bill. Students must meet financial obligations in accordance with rules stated on the bill.

Students who register late are required to make full payment in person to the cashier by the second week of classes to avoid cancellation of their schedule and loss of their seats to other students. Students who are receiving financial aid must pay their bill in full in the event that their funds have not been disbursed to their student account by the due date.

Payments for Student Accounts

All checks, money orders, or postal notes should be made payable to the University of Maryland. The student's social security number must be written on the front of the check. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards are accepted. You may also sign up for online billing and payments with the Terp Payment Plan.

Withdrawal and Refund of Fees

Students compelled to leave the IAA at any time during the academic year should meet with their advisor first. The effective date used in computing refunds is the date the withdrawal form is filed.

Stopping payment on a check, failing to pay the semester bill, or failing to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal. Refund requests should be processed by students with Student Financial Services and Cashiering; otherwise any credit on the student account could be carried over to the next semester.

If a Cancellation of Registration is submitted to the Office of the Registrar before the official first day of classes the student is entitled to full credit of semester tuition.

Undergraduate students withdrawing from the IAA will be credited for tuition and fees in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Prior to the first day of classes: 100%
  • First 10 days of classes: 80%
  • 3rd week: 60%
  • 4th week: 40%
  • 5th week: 20%
  • After 5th week: No Refund
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