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About the IAA Alumni ListServ:

The IAA Alumni ListServ is a means for the Institute of Applied Agriculture (IAA) to send periodic email communications regarding career opportunities, upcoming events, networking opportunities and ways to volunteer. Alumni from the IAA are encouraged to join our electronic email list.

The listserv is moderated, so messages are approved before going out to the list. This prevents junk mail circulation through the listserv.


How to subscribe:

1. Send an email message to:

2. The email message must contain: "subscribe iaa-alum name-of-subscriber." For example, Jane A. Doe would email a message to and enter "subscribe iaa-alum Jane A. Doe" in the message body. 

3. You will receive messages from the server verifying your intent to subscribe, followed by instructions on how to use the listserv.


Unsubscribing from the list:

1. If you want to leave the list send an email message to:

2. Type in the body of the message: "unsubscribe iaa-alum".

3. You will be removed from the listserv list.


Posting Messages:

Messages to be posted to the IAA Alum listserv list may be sent by the current subscribers to: The listserv will then distribute the message to all members.

If you are unsuccessful in subscribing or have any questions, please contact Roy S. Walls, Jr.

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