College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Institute of Applied Agriculture

Faculty & Staff

Name Position Title Phone Email Address CV Web
Rob Ballenger Oral Communication Lecturer 301-405-8653
Dr. JoEllen Barnhart Oral Communication Lecturer 301-405-8826
Luisa Cortes Business Manager 301-405-4931
Carole Dingess Program Administrative Specialist 301-405-4685
Dr. Eric Dunning Oral Communication Lecturer 301-405-5892
Meredith Epstein Senior Lecturer and Advisor for Sustainable Agriculture 301-405-4690
Tope Fajingbesi Lecturer and Advisor for Agricultural Business Management 301-405-4693
Amy Fisher Oral Communication Lecturer 301-405-8829
Glori D. Hyman IAA Director & Instructor 301-405-4685
Ken Ingram Lecturer & Advisor for Landscape Management & Ornamental Horticulture and Liaison for Veteran Student Recruitment 301-405-0499
Rebecka Jones Student Services Coordinator 301-405-4686
George Kurtzweil Oral Communication Lecturer 301-405-8399
Shala Larson Oral Communication Lecturer and Advisor for Agricultural Leadership and Communication 301-405-8828
Chelsea G. Mays-Williams Oral Communication Lecturer 301-405-9301 CV
Dr. Heather McHale Senior Lecturer and Advisor 301-405-9219
Geoff Rinehart Lecturer and Turfgrass Management Advisor 301-405-4692
Sam Rubin Oral Communication Lecturer 301-405-8827
Roy S. Walls, Jr Instructor & Coordinator of Computer Services 301-405-7256
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