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Internships are a prized component of the Institute of Applied Agriculture's (IAA) hands-on learning process. So much, in fact, that each student is required to complete an internship in order to...
2015 MAAGCS Scholarship Winners
The annual meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents (MAAGCS) is always a much-anticipated event which brings members together for updates from the year. This year’s...
With over $20,000 of annual scholarship money to award to its students, the IAA continues to be an excellent source of student financial aid on the UMD campus. And this past semester, over 20% of the...
After working for 20 years in the green industry, Brian Knott enrolled in college. Majoring in Golf Course Management at Institute of Applied Agriculture (IAA), at the University of Maryland, Knott...

IAA Scholarship Deadline

Friday, Sep. 6 (All day)
2123 Jull Hall
Scholarship deadline for IAA Educational Awards. Follow the link to learn about scholarship opportunities and to download the application. Also, we do have paper applications in the office if you wish to request a printed copy.

Maryland Grain Producers Scholarships

Saturday, Jun. 1, 12:00pm
The Maryland Grain Producers Association will be offering eight scholarships to deserving students in Maryland. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial support to students interested in pursuing an agriculturally related career. Given the dynamic changes in agriculture today, the...

The 6th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Deadline

Wednesday, Jan. 16 (All day)
DOWNLOAD SCHOLARSHIP CRITERIA: JUDGING CRITERIA; OVERALL AWARDS. There will be one (1) Scholarship Prize of $10,000 awarded (referred to as “the Scholarship”) and one $1,000 prize awarded to the winner’s school, selected from among all...

IAA Scholarships Deadline

Monday, Dec. 17 (All day)
2123 Jull Hall
December 17, 2012 will mark the deadline for Spring 2013 IAA Scholarships. Submit your application/materials to the main office 2123 Jull Hall. Various scholarship opportunities for diverse majors/areas of study Scholarships are for IAA students only

Scholarship Success II

Monday, Dec. 10, 1:00pm
1123 Jull Hall


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