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The evening of March 26, 2014 wasn’t a typical one on campus. That Wednesday night, a rhetorical rumbling broke out in Jull 1105, and a war o’ words commenced at 5 p.m. among the members of the...

Managed Pollinators: the Keystone in modern agri-food systems

Tuesday, Feb. 5, 6:00pm to 7:45pm
1123 Jull Hall
Join us at our first Sustainable Tuesday guest speaker series at the Institute of Applied Agriculture. Tuesday, February 5, Dennis van Engelsdorp will be discussing managed pollinators. He has been featured as a Ted Talk and will share his expertise to interested students, faculty and staff. To...
Beginning this Fall 2012, INAG 123 may now be taken by students throughout campus as an elective course and also counts toward a sustainability minor. To learn more visit: https://iaa.test/programs/...
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