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Community Learning Garden

Salvador Fawkes at the UMD Community Learning Garden
Visitors to the University of Maryland’s Community Learning Garden often ask the question: where does all the food go? Until this summer, the answer has always been the same: the bounty of cucumbers...

Impromptu in the Garden

Tuesday, Apr. 18, 5:00am to 6:00pm
UMD Community Learning Garden (between Eppley Rec Center and the School of Public Health)
You are invited to attend Impromptu in the Garden , an event that celebrates UMD's Fearless Ideas theme and our fearless students taking INAG 110: Oral Communication . These brave students will choose blindly from Oral Comm lecturer Tony Pagnotti's magic hat of topics, and hilarity will ensue as...
Brandon McIntyre, a second-year Sustainable Agriculture student at the University of Maryland’s Institute of Applied Agriculture, interned at the University’s Arboretum Outreach Center last summer. "...
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