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Grand Challenge Position

  |  Posted: Jan 27 2017

Position Summary/Purpose of Position:

The ARS Grand Challenge seeks to Transform Agriculture to Deliver a 20% Increase in Quality Food Availability at a 20% Lower Environmental Impact by 2025.  However, baseline and target levels of production (+20%) and environmental effects (-20%) need to be defined to measure success. Key questions about this include: What increased yield levels need to be reached locally, regionally and nationally to declare success? What decreased environmental impacts of production need to be reached locally, regionally and nationally to declare success? What projected changes of climate must be accounted for when seeking to increase production and reduce environmental impacts? 20 Hours/Week.


Position Responsibilities:

The intern will address these questions via a survey of literature and data from NASS, ERS, NRCS and NGOs to produce a series of plots like the one below for different crops and regions of the US.  The intern will benefit from exposure to agriculture production and climate change science, environmental sustainability, and coarse scale data collection and synthesis. The project will require direct interactions with ARS, ERS and NRCS scientists. The student will also interact with the ARS EMBRAPA liaison.


Interest in Agricultural Sustainability, Microsoft Office computer skills, written-communication skills

Position Closing Date:

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Joan Burton, Ms. Naz Beyran
Email: 301-314-1920 (Burton), 301-314-0261 (Beyran)

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