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Harford County Farm Bureau Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

a. The recipients of the award shall supply the Education Committee of the Harford
County Farm Bureau with transcripts of the college work completed during the
semesters in which the scholarship funds were used.
b. The recipients shall notify the Harford County Farm Bureau if he/she no longer
needs the scholarship or if the attendance at college is terminated. If the
termination is at the end of the semester, the Farm Bureau will be notified
immediately in order that the scholarship may be terminated and awarded to
another candidate the next semester.
c. Upon failure to complete a semester, the recipient must, at the discretion of the
Board of Directors, repay the amount of funds awarded.
d. False information provided on the application will be grounds for withdrawal of
scholarship and repayment.
e. The recipient should conduct himself/herself in a way that will exemplify the
advantages of higher education.
f. At the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, if the above criteria are not met by
an applicant, a selection may not be made and funds not awarded for that year.


Eligibility Requirements

a.The scholarship shall be awarded to a candidate whose family are members of the
Harford County Farm Bureau.
b. The candidate’s chosen curriculum must be in an approved program in agriculture
or an agriculturally related field.
c. Candidates must have a scholastic aptitude with a definite goal in mind and a
sincere desire to reach that goal.
d. It is desirable that the candidate have good grades, but honesty, sincerity, and
ambition shall supersede the consideration of grades. However, the lowest grade
average eligible for consideration shall be 2.0 based on a 4.0 point system.
e. Ranking and ratings will be based on scholastic record, demonstrated leadership,
interest and previous participation in agricultural endeavors, and general
impression of applicant.
f. All candidates shall be considered on their individual merit. Candidates shall make
themselves available for interviews.

Application Information

All applications must be delivered or mailed. For more information or an application contact the Farm Bureau at410-836-7773 or or the Extension Office.

Review and screening of the application will be done by the Harford County Farm Bureau Education Committee with the possibility of a personal interview of the applicant.

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